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Meet the Crew


kenbob.jpg Kenbob Kenbob, a co-owner of Real Estate Options, has been involved in the construction business for 39 years and been involved in property management/maintenance even longer.  Kenbob has served on the Board of Directors for The Freeport Area Landlord Association, the Freeport Police Advisory Board, and was a co-leader of the Piety Hill Landlord Compact.  Kenbob has volunteered his time with The Freeport Police Department’s “Wheels For Winners,” a bike club for at-risk kids.  In 2001, he also created a hauling business under the name of City Haul.  Kenbob also writes maintenance articles for many landlord association newsletters and is currently the Program Director for the Freeport Area Landlord Association.  (Back to Top)


jilly.jpg Jilly Jilly has been managing property for almost 3 decades and is co-owner of Real Estate Options.  Jilly was President of the Freeport Area Landlord Association for 5 years and is currently serving on the Board as Secretary.  She has also served as a Director for the Rockford Apartment Association and as Secretary and President for the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association (IRPOA).  Jilly has developed and presented the “Crime‑Free Housing Training Program” in cooperation with the Freeport Police Department, which teaches landlords how to keep illegal activity from occurring on their rental property. She has helped other communities to establish such a program.  In her free time she loves to train and enter triathlons and trail races.  (Back to Top)


bill.jpg Bill Bill has been one of our main PMT’s (Property Maintenance Technicians) for the past 19 years!  He has learned a lot of “on the job training” with many types of maintenance situations.  Bill specializes in the area of plumbing issues that arise in the rental arena.  He enjoys repairing and improving the looks of a property for the benefit of the entire community.  He will continue in skills and knowledge for the betterment of REO.  (Back to Top)


quin.jpg Quin My name is Quin and I have done construction/remodeling for 25 years.  I have worked for REO for 15 years.  I play guitar and bass in my free time, and work on computers.  I get to relax once in a while!  (Back to Top)


jordan.jpg Jordan Jordan Werntz has been with REO for the past 3 years.  He grew up in Freeport and graduated from Freeport High School.  While in school, Jordan was involved in the Kids and Police Serving program – working to better the community – and part of the Wheels for Winners Bike program.  Jordan volunteered at CONTACT of Northern Illinois on their helpline and in the office before he became a family man.  Jordan, in the last 2 years, has purchased a house in Freeport and remodeled it for his family to live in.  Jordan is always willing to help with any job and takes pride in the work he does, making sure customers are satisfied before finishing a job.  (Back to Top)


john.jpg John My name is John.  Iíve been part of the REO team for 5 years now.  I love playing softball and spending time with my wife and three kids.  (Back to Top)


tasha.jpg Tasha Hi, my name is Tasha.  I have worked for REO for 2½ years now.  I do the cleaning, some painting, and I am the administrative assistant, as well as whatever else the day may call for me to be for REO.

I recently graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor degree in business administration. However, even with a degree, I choose to do this type of work, because it’s what I enjoy.  (Back to Top)