How to Use one of our Lockboxes for a Self-Showing

A few of our places have lockboxes on the door so you can show it to yourself.

Just a few rules first:
Be sure, if a neighbor or police officer questions you, that you tell them "Jilly sent you". We have many eyes watching our vacant homes and keeping us alert as to any activity around the place.
And – 3 little rules:

  1. Take your shoes OFF at the door please, carpets and floors were just cleaned
  2. Anything you turn on, please remember to turn OFF, and
  3. Anything you unlock, please LOCK back up.
We have 2 types of lockboxes and if you have the code, that means we've told you how to open them. But some people still get a little confused - so we thought it might help to show diagrams.
Lockboxes with 4 cylinders look like this:
Line up the 4-digit code from left to right. Then you'll notice a little door on the right side of the lockbox, slide it open with your thumb. Once it's opened – shake out the key!

When you are all done looking and have turned off any/all lights and locked everything back up (knoblock and deadbolt!), just insert the key back into the slot, slide the door shut, and give all the numbers a spin to lock it back up.

Lockboxes with buttons look like this:
The lock box has buttons with corresponding numbers. You want to push the buttons corresponding to the code you were given.

Then you want to take the "OPEN" button and slide it down and toward yourself to pull the front cover off and reveal the key.

Again, when you are all done looking, make sure you have turned off any/all lights and locked everything back up (knoblock and deadbolt!).

To put the key back in the lockbox you will need to push the code buttons and "OPEN" button again to put the key back in the box...pretty simple when you see it.

If it doesn’t seem to open, you can start over by FIRST hitting the "CLEAR" button.