Renter's Insurance

You might think not having renters insurance is a "safe risk," but consider the cost of getting burned out or ripped off. Most people have at least $20,000 worth of stuff and don’t even realize it. You may have collected it little by little, but it all adds up fast. Clothes. Furniture. Electronics. Even your bike. It all counts.

The good news?

It only costs a little to protect a lot.

Renters insurance is quick, easy and inexpensive to get. It covers losses from things like theft, fires or flooding from broken pipes.

Lord of the land—not much else.

There's a common misperception that you're covered by your landlord’s insurance. That could be why 80% of renters don’t have a renters insurance policy. Unfortunately, most landlords have coverage only on the building itself. Not any of your stuff in it. That’s the job of—you guessed it—renters insurance.

Renters insurance also offers personal liability coverage if you’re legally liable for a loss. Like if a guest trips on your rug and gets hurt, you’ll be covered for his injuries. Or if you damage someone else’s property—say your touchdown celebration trashes your neighbor’s new TV—your policy would cover the costs to repair or replace it. Either way, it helps make sure your rent money actually goes to paying the rent.

Save your risk taking for something worth risking.

The point is, renters insurance is easy and affordable (I bet you could dig the daily cost out of your couch cushions right now). Check it out. This way, you can save your risk taking for other things in life. Like wearing a baby blue polyester leisure suit.

For more information:

It's always smart to get at least 2 quotes – call the agent with which you might have other policies like your vehicle insurance (usually the more insurance you have with one carrier, the cheaper) and call one other insurance agent, perhaps a local agency or an agency referred to you by others you trust. We can also offer referrals. Compare the offers and pick the one that suits you best. Notify us if you have lined up Renters Insurance so we can also keep your information for you, in case of emergency.