Just as Property Management Companies check tenant references, we think it’s equally smart for clients and tenants to check out the Management Company they are looking to work with or rent from.

We encourage you to do your own due diligence and investigate our business.

We strive to offer an extremely high level of service to both our clients and our residents and we are always grateful to hear feedback.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received:

I was talking to a co-worker and she said she used to live in Freeport, IL and that it was a small town to raise a family. She also said she used to rent from REO, so I thought I would do some research on REO, and a lot of people that I know are saying great things about REO.
Lalia L.

The service was excellent.
Linda S.

When I needed something fixed, it was done right away.
Leslie W.

Your service is wonderful.
Sue A.

When I needed something done, they came to fix it quick.
Cory H.

Keep up the wonderful spirit of support and friendliness that I experienced from everyone at REO.
Sr. Anita C

Excellent people to rent from.
Lenny P.

Everything was good!
Diane R.

Your service – great!!
Michelle M.

Things were always fixed in a timely manner.
Kellie S.

Appreciate the prompt action REO came for emergency repairs!!
Vicki M.

When I had a maintenance problem it was taken care of right away.
Nicole B.

You guys really get stuff done!
Tiffany B.

REO has been most helpful whenever we had an issue.
Heather K.

Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving turkey. It's always awesome being appreciated.

Also I love renting from you and am thankful to have such great people taking care of us – which is why my top priority is paying on-time or early when possible.
Courtney W.

Service was OUTSTANDING.
Robin O.

Any issues I had you took care of it right away.
Ashley N.

Prompt attention to calls.
Jody M.

We would like to express our appreciation for all the hard work put forth by the REO staff.
Kris K.

I want you to know I appreciate how you've treated us for the past 6+ years including the B-day wishes, Thanksgiving turkeys and excellent service all around.
Courtney B.

If I ever see anyone that needs rental property, I will refer them to Real Estate Options. You were excellent landlords. I just can't say enough and thank you and your employees enough – when we needed things done – it was fixed.  We've never had landlords like REO.
Jimmie & Linda S.